Brain Test Answers and Walkthrough All Levels

We do love games that break common sense and hit us with new brain-burning experiences. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles is one of them and we are amazed. Always be prepared for the most absurd answer or solution. There’s nothing normal or usual about this game. And this is why it is so special.

Not only the game gives you a different perspective of the world of puzzles, but it can also help in exercising your brain. Thinking outside of the box a.k.a critical thinking is something very valuable in our daily lives, and this game does somehow help you by developing such skills. 

Brain Test is also a lot of fun, especially when played among friends or family. It can make people look dumb, and there’s nothing better than looking at your friends giving dumb answers or just getting stuck. If you are looking for the full Brain Test Answers then this is the right site to visit

The game consists of more than 100 splendidly designed levels that are waiting to be solved by YOU. Do not hesitate to play this masterpiece. You can play it offline. The best part; it is free and it can be found in both the App Store and Play Store.

Brain Test Tricky Puzzles All Levels