Brain Test Level 128 Make this correct Walkthrough

We do love games that break common sense and hit us with new brain-burning experiences. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles is one of them and we are amazed. If you are a fan of Brain Out, Super Brain, Stump Me or any other tricky puzzle game, Brain Test is for you. The game will refresh your old cognition of puzzle games and will bring you a brand new experience.

It is strongly based on tricking the player, so watch out. When it comes to tricky games like this, the last thing you should do is to think about an obvious answer. This is not how the game works. It can get so tricky and sometimes so ridiculous, you might start laughing. Always be prepared for the most absurd answer or solution. There’s nothing normal or usual about this game. And this is why it is special.

Brain Test Level 128 Make this correct Walkthrough

The plus must be turned into minus and number 9 should be turned in 8.

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